What's up for Spring?

My fashion celibacy is already over (end of February) and I'm already making plans on what to wear and to buy for the beautiful spring and summer time.
The last months made me think about my behavior towards shopping fashion. I was seriously insane over buying and buying and buying stuff, it was really no fun at all. I spent way too much money and I knew that had to stop!
It was not until December that I noticed that I seriously have a shopping problem and that money for important things is missing. So my boyfriend and I went for that deal that I try to just spend 50€ until March. It was and still is a true challenge, I have to admit! Of course, I already spent that 50€ (and of course I already spent more than 50€) *haha and now that I literally have no money for new clothes I start thinking if all that stuff that I bought over the last months is truly necessary.
Do we always have to run after the latest trend? I mean after a few months it'll rot away in our wardrobes anyway and we suffer for the new! 
Why not invest in a really good and timeless fashion base with things that suit our type and that will last a long time. Of course spice it up with some true it-pieces, but stop doing that buy, buy, buy thingi and invest in a few items of a high quality!
This summer for example I need to invest in black ballet flats and I'm searching for fancy ones that sure have to survive for more than just one season. I want things that are so cool and timeless that they are always on top. I want to value my clothes more since there are so many people without the possibility to this flat rate thingi and a lot of people who actually work in worst conditions to allow us to buy clothes at the cheapest rate possible. I know I cannot stop this, but I can certainly be a part of this movement fighting these conditions!
And lets be serious - how much of your wardrobe do you actually wear and how many things did you not wear in like two years?
So, like I said, I will invest in mind blowing but yet timeless flats and the it-piece I so need to have this summer is going to be a pink (either light or hot) leather bag. 
Everything else, like summer dresses, a vest, a kaftan and so on is, since I got a sewing machine for Christmas, going to be sewed this year. Let's see how this is going to work out!
What are you already doing to stop this clothes wasting? I want to hear your ideas :).

these are like the only things I am trying to invest in this upcoming season

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