If I were...

L.A. - at the Kodak Theatre (now Dolby Theatre) in August 2010

From my good friend Laura (check out her blog! It's worth it!) I stole this cute idea that is called 'If I were...'

If I were a gemstone I would be an aquamarine
If I were a scent I would be Armani Diamonds
If I were a pair of shoes I would be Glitter Gold Toms
If I were the weather I would be a nice, colorful and warm early autumn day (Indian Summer) 
If I were a facial expression I would be a loud and easy laughter
If I were a time of day I would be dawn
If I were a month I would be July (my birthday, yay) or September
If I were a place I would be either Istanbul, Barcelona, New York or San Francisco
If I were a liquid I would be a cold and fresh beer
If I were a taste I would be Cake Frosting
If I were a sea animal I would be a whale, swimming through every ocean
If I were a food I would be something with fish
If I were a colour I would be a hot pink combined with grey
If I were a musical instrument I would be a piano
If I were a flower I would be a buttercup
If I were a song I would be Girl like you by Edwyn Collins or everything by Lenny Kravitz
If I were a planet I would be the planet I'm living on
If I were an object I would be an old-school SLR like my Pentax ME
If I were a fruit I would be a banana
If I were a sound I would be a dove cooing early in the morning
If I were a day of the week I would be Sunday

Does this squirrel belong to Mr. President?

Easy Boy!

The Naked Cowboy - seen on Times Square in December 2009

Grand Canyon - July 2010


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