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Outfit of the Day

Scarf - H&M for Men (old and H&M was so kind to give it to me for free :D)
Sweater - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)
Pants - Zara TRF (old)
Sneakers - MMMxH&M (last seen here)

Charm Bracelet - Ernsting's Family

Sorry for haven't written anything, but pictures say more than a thousand words, right? I am actually very tired at the moment, but I really wanted to show you today's outfit, because I liked it so much :). I think it's comfy with a twist, don't you agree?


  1. Love the sweater! And for these days I also love wearing comfy outfits :)

    Mónica <3

    1. Hey Mónica, thank you very much :)!
      True word, nothing to a comfy sweater these days :D! Especially when it is so undefined outside...

      XO Belinda :)


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