Quick Snaps: A Package full of Week

Sorry guys!
For not posting a whole entire week! It's been crazy lately and I was lazy too, I have to admit!
But, I captured everything that moved me this week with my cell phone camera and so here it is! A package full of impressions. A package full of week :)!

Maulwurf-Kuchen (mole-cake)// Starbucks hearts me
Bis die Wolken wieder lila sind (a purple sky)// Mosaic Chair
True Words
Hopefully a Love Letter// Amazing Furniture
Shoe Porn// Christmas Gift arrived :)

go and recycle in a clothing kinda way

Ever since I moved out, I felt very sorry for everything I did to my mom. I mean like wearing clothes for just one day and than throw it directly into the laundry basket. It seriously meant so much work for her.
It first came across my mind while I was an Au Pair in the US. My kids changed their outfits like three times a day and gave it to the laundry and guess what? I had to wash it all away! Arrrggghh... it made me so angry! How much work that was!! I knew something had to change and let's be serious every piece of clothes can at least be worn twice. Just let it air outside and it smells like freshly washed!
The other thing that changed my mind was the fact that, since I am totally living on my own, I can't afford to wash that often :D. Know this problem?
So once again, I air my clothes on the balcony! However, I don't wear an entire outfit twice. You have to hang on to at least one bad habit, right? - and since I still did not turn into a boy, that's my prerogative :D!
So my device? Clothes rotating!

Tuesday, 07.01.2012:

Let's get this week of clothes rotating started!
This is almost the same outfit as it was on Monday (didn't shoot that one). I just changed my pants (I was wearing these) and shoes (I wore my new booties from H&M - see below) for the Tuesday outfit.

Blazer - H&M (old, similar)
Scarf - Ernsting's Family
T-Shirt - Bought on a Fair in Washington DC
Belt - H&M (super old)
Denim Jeans - H&M (last seen here)
Shoes - Minnetonka (last seen here)
Jewelry - Ernsting's Family 

Wednesday, 08.01.2013

Stays the same: Blazer, Belt, Denim Jeans, Jewelry

Scarf - TK Maxx (last seen here)
T-Shirt - O'Neill
Boots - MMM x H&M

Thursday, 09.01.2013

Stays the same: Okay nothing :D, but after three days of wearing almost the same I needed a change!
This outfit was actually just for the picture, because I thought that it looks so good together.
For classes earlier that day I wore a gray cardigan and my new Margiela sneakers (last seen here).

Blazer - H&M (last seen here)
Shirt - H&M Score (just 1€)
Pants - H&M score (last seen here)
Shoes - MMM x H&M

I stole it from Emily Schuman!
Do you like it?


At the end of an exciting week I went to Trier together with an Archaeology Class :).

Duckface from the Middle Ages// Cleopatra's Suicide
Dome of Trier
Porta Nigra// Art Work inside Porta Nigra
The Duckface and me! Beginning of something Big

Whoa! That was a long post! Have a good night honeys!


  1. Yay! Amazing banana cake ♥


    1. Es war der komplette Zufall, dass ich sie habe :-D! Sie waren schon komplett ausverkauft, aber dann eines Nachts gegen 3 Uhr waren sie wieder im Online-Store... Arrgghhh... Ich musste direkt zuschlagen!!! Am besten schaust du auch mal mitten in der Nacht rein! Vielleicht hast du Glück :)!


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