Gorilla me Christopher Kane!

Seriously? This is highly disturbing, but fascinating and hypnotizing at the same time! And since I did spend a lot of time with apes lately (mainly apes in art history, but still), I cannot help myself but love this holy crap of an OH MY GOD so whimsical, yet genius, dress!
I actually found this masterpiece of fashion while I was browsing Jane Aldridge blog "Sea of Shoes". I kept stucking on this post and was hypnotized by her mom (!!!)  Judy wearing this dress. Oh yeah! Her mom is so cool and she has a blog, too! Amazing!
But back to this dress! It is made by Christopher Kane (who? - obviously embarrassing for me that I don't know him) and already from 2009 (shit - where have I been for the last four years?)! I found it on ebay though, so if you are interested go ahead! It is a) to small for me (size xs) and b) way too expensive :D!
But back to Christopher Kane! Who is he? He is a genius for sure - and I really like his designs!! I mean Gorilla Dress, hello??!! What's not to like? So while doing research about his person, I found out that he is 30 years old! 30?? Wow, and so young, too! He is scottish! Not bad! - and there were rumors that he's gonna be next creative director of Balenciaga! No discussion here needed, since Alexander Wang got that job, but still, I am impressed!
And that Gorilla Dress! Holy Cow!! Chapeau!


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