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Hello my dear readers,
today's post is going to be just in English, since I got nominated for the Liebster Award... AGAIN!!! Oh my god! Words cannot describe my happiness at all! A big thanks to the gorgeous Stella of Sugarpop Fashion. Her quirky (and I'm mean this in a good way, really) and outstanding style is such an inspiration and her texts are beyond hilariousness! Go and check that out! I mean like immediately!
So, what is the Liebster Award? To me it's one of the best opportunities to discover new and interesting blogs that are followed by 500 people or less.

Once you're nominated, you have to follow these rules

1. Thank the blogger who had nominated you
2. Answer the eleven questions given to you
3. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers
4. Post eleven questions for your nominees to answer
5. Tag your nominees and post a comment on their blog to let them know you'd nominated them

¡aaaand these are the eleven questions Stella gave to me¡

1. Just another blog or what makes you different?

Phew! This is actually a really difficult question to answer at the moment. I'm kind of stucked in a blog-crisis right now which includes not really knowing in what kind of direction I want to go. I think I kind of lost my goals that I had in the beginning and am missing a real and outstanding structure. I'm working on it though. So stay tuned!
Oh, and I loved fringe a long time before it was hot this season!

2. What do you like to wear the most?

I have a grey sweater, light-blue denim jeans and black ballet flats that I wear on constant rotation. Last time I showed it on the blog was here, but let me tell you one thing, I totally wear this outfit about 10 times per month. It's just true Belinda! Not to forget my brown fringed bag that I more than two years ago!

3. Do you have a special style, can you name it or do you try everything?

I like to keep my style as authentic as can be and always stay true to myself. I really have to feel totally comfortable in what I wear and am really not a person who is always following the latest trends. If a trend works for me, fine, but if it's not, I really don't give a shit. I only wear what I, to a 110%, like, since I believe that, if you wear what works best for you, you totally seize the world!

4. What is your claim for yourself as a blogger?

I don't know actually... I want to inspire people to always be true to themselves and finding their very own personal style! It's also the bloggers that I find most inspiring, like Samantha Wennerstrom of could I have that? and Karen Blanchard of Where Did U Get That?. These are two perfect examples of always staying true to oneself, but being chic and outstanding nonetheless.

5. Favorite colors which always appear in your closet?

I like colors with a warm undertone, because these are just working best for my skin type.

6. Do you have a pet?

Unfortunately not, but I also really don't have the time for a cutie pie at all at the moment... I grew up with a lot of pets though and I when I say a lot, I mean a lot. My family currently owns an Old English Shepherd, who is just beyond amazing, and an adorable cat. There had been times though where we owned more than twenty pets all at the same time *muahaha. Oh, and my sister has this gorgeous rabbit, so chill! It's always a pleasure visiting both, my family and our pets!

7. Do you care for nature, environment and animals concerning pollution, animal testing and so on?

A LOT! I'm a person who is very sincere towards her environment and am right now working on making a few changes in my life.

8. The best movie you've ever seen...?

Whoah, I really can't be that specific, because I'm really into movies and performing arts in general. I really cannot make a choice.
A few of my favorite directors are Sofia Coppola, Woody Allen, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino... it's a colorful mix!
I have to admit though that I'm really into Spiderman! Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst? I'm sold!

9. I would kill for...

... everything by Dolce&Gabbana! As a student of Art History and Classical Archaeology, I really don't have to explain myself, do I?

10. Who would you like to date (some famous actors, a politician, a director or an artist)?

Everyone who is turning the best out of my, like my boyfriend does! If I can choose from the arts though, hmmm, Javier Bardem! He's damn hot and sexy and he has a beautiful wife that I would date too... Wait! I think Vicky, Christina, Barcelona is my favorite movie *muahaha!

11. And last but not least why do you blog?

I really needed a creative outlet where I could share my passion for fashion style, the arts and everything that's in some kind of way moving me with people who share the same interest.
It's just amazing how many amazing people I already virtually met through blogging!

¡theeese are my nominees!

¡aaand my questions!

1. What gave you the right impulse to start your blog and what is it all about?

2. How would you describe your very own personal style?

3. What keeps you creative and where do you draw your inspiration from?

4. Since a blog is always a source of inspiration, what are your goals and how do you intend on inspiring other people?

5. Do you have a fashion uniform or an outfit that is on heavy rotation?

6. Do you try to live more consciously especially by regarding what's happening in the textile industry at the moment?

7. What do you like about the blogging community?

8. If money doesn't matter, is there one thing in your life you always wanted to do or have (a journey, a designer piece,...)?

9. What is the absolute best series on TV?

10. Is there one piece of clothing you absolutely need to have for the upcoming summer?

11. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?


  1. Hallo hallo,

    Danke für die Nominierung. Ich würd gern die Fragen beantworten, aber ich bin bei sowas immer zu feige, weitere Leute zu nominieren. :-) Hab dann immer Angst, dass die genervt sind oder so...
    Deswegen.. Ja... Weiß nicht. Was nun...? ( ._.) (._. ) ( '_') ('_' )

    Zauberhafte Grüße,

    PS: Ich hab auch mal Kunstgeschichte studiert. Hihi
    PPS: Und es war grad echt schwer, auf Deutsch zu antworten, nachdem der Post in Englisch war :D

  2. Ooo, I love reading these posts! I totally have an outfit like yours that I wear almost every day! It's hard not to be stylish in a casual chic sweater/jeans/flats combo!

  3. Huiiiiiiiii...danke!!! Ich freue mich ...and 'will keep the ball rolling soon'. Und zu der von dir beantworteten Frage eins: Ich finde deinen Blog wunderbar!! Das mit der Blog Krise verstehe ich 100%, geht mir nicht unähnlich. Trotzdem gefällt mir gerade, dass es bei dir um ganz verschiedenes geht (v.a. natürlich Fashion) und du dabei so authentisch bleibst. Weiter so... ich lese immer gerne und bin sicher du findest deinen Blogger-Weg.... :-)

  4. Ach das freut mich jetzt total :D Ich werde sicherlich noch mitmachen! :-)

    1. Ich hab den Tag nun veröffentlicht, kannst ja gerne mal vorbei schauen! :-)

  5. AAAAHHHHH! So cool! Ich freue mich, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast! Deine Antworten sind toll! Ich habe es sehr genossen sie zu lesen!!

    ✿ ✿


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