...just a lot going on...

Sorry guys,
sorry for not having been here for quite a while!
I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing okay and am still alive. Don't worry about me!
I just really, really, really hadn't that much time this past month (and probably also in August) to write for my blog since I have a lot going on and there are so many changes right now. I will let you know though what's going on when it's all settled. Keep your fingers crossed guys, although you don't really know what for =)!

If you're following via Instagram who might have already seen these two outfits below.

I bet that you are already so fed up with hearing about Birkenstocks, right? I do too, but, I have to admit that I also went for my first pair ever in my life and that the Céline-Birky-Sandal might have been the promoter to all this. BUT! Not only! I actually noticed them two years ago on several students (both male and female) in Heidelberg and already back then I really thought that especially the Birkenstocks Madrid look so cool and feminine with almost everything you wear. Then a couple of month ago I eyed them on 16-year-old girls with cropped jeans and I was sold!! I just had to get my hands on the Birkenstock Madrid model and that's what I did... I know that this is not the 'oh-so-cool' two strap Arizona sandal, but, I love my more feminine model - especially since you don't have to pay too much attention to your clothes and that it still looks some sort of feminine!
But, it wasn't me, if I hadn't to make another confession right here! On Friday I was on a shopping tour together with my mom and sister and we found Arizona Sandals for only 7€ at TK Maxx. My sister tried them on and they looked 'oh-so-cool' and very effortless, even with an elegant maxi dress and I'm not even lying in this point! Too bad they were sold in my size =(... but I forced my mom and sister to get their hands on a pair although their were kinda sceptical - nonetheless, I think their really love their pairs now *haha!
I, for myself, also got me a pair, but I had to order them online and I think they will arrive tomorrow - so excited! Not only are these the hottest summer trend 2013, but I never owned, besides my beloved TOMS - not to forget - so comfortable shoes, in which one can walk for hours and hours and hours - PERIOD!! 
Normally I am certainly not a person who is always following the latest trend, but in this particular case I just had to catch the Birkenstock-Train! Did you too?

Top - H&M Basic
Pants - Bought in Barcelona in 2011
Fringe Shoulder Bag - No comment needed
Shoes - Birkenstock Madrid
Jewelry - Ernsting's Family

I wore this other outfit below for a night out and there is really not that much behind it, except of... I really love fancy pajama pants *haha. Also very effortless in my point of view!

Blazer - H&M (old)
Top - Vila
Pants - Primark (super old)

Shoes - H&M
Jewelry - Ernsting's Family



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