"They say it's your birthday - well, it's my birthday too, yeah!"

Hey guys,
on Monday was my very special day - my super special 24th Birthday!
I always tend to say that I don't care about my birthdays, but in fact, when the day finally arrives, I do, hell yeah *haha!
This year's was a really nice one, surrounded by beautiful people and treated with nice jewelry and an amazing book about fashion! Thanks again, for making this day so very special, my dear friends!

I also have a little ritual for my birthday and for Christmas. I always treat myself with some goodies as well!
This year I was about to give myself a pair of Ray-Ban aviators, because I wanted timeless, yet chic shades that last not only one summer, but a lifetime!
When they arrived the other week though I was actually so disappointed with the quality and fit. Not quite what I expected and definitely not worth the 105€. 
I think you can imagine how sad I was! But not for long *haha! I treated myself with some Birkenstocks and shades from Mister Spex (perfect for just 50€) instead.

The most amazing gift, however, came from my lovely boo! He really knows how to make me one lucky girl. I love you!


  1. And your not showing us how your Birkenstocks looks on you. I'm thinking to buy Birkenstocks. But how can you style with Birkenstocks? Skirt, pants, leggings. Any fashion tips/photos to show us. I'm curious what it would look like.

    Grtz Johanna

    1. Hey Johanna,
      first of all, I just got them, that's why I haven't had the time yet to shoot any pictures for my blog. But, there will be some pretty soon, I promise =).
      You can actually style them with anything you like, but I would rather dress up a little and go for a more feminine and 'polished' look, because I don't want to look too comfy, if you know what I mean. I also went for the Birkenstock Madrid, because they have some kind of feminine look which most of the other models don't. This is also the model I spot the most in the city along with the 'Birkenstock Gizeh', which I also think looks pretty cool. Most girls I see style there Birkenstocks with cropped jeans, denim shorts, romantic summer dresses, leggings and tunics and I also saw some fancy pajama pants today.
      I, for myself, styled them with a maxi skirt today and you can find that outfit up on my instagram 'belinda_buttercup' if you like.

      I hope this helps you a little bit for now - pictures coming soon =).

      xo Belinda

    2. Hi Belinda.

      Thank you so much.

      When I was in the States. I saw only 1 Birkenstock sandal.
      The one with 2 straps.
      Like the one that actress Julianne Moore is wearing
      You can even see them in fashion magazines like Harper's Bazaar.

      That Birkenstock is so popular in the States. I saw them worn by men and women.
      Maybe because it Birkenstock is made in Germany. I'll guess that clothes from Europe are very classy.

      I like your Birkenstock more than the 2 strap version, so I'll have more questions. If you don't mind.
      How do they walk? Are they really comfy. Are those slip-ons (madrid as you called them) stay on your feet?
      Can you just put them on and walk/run away for miles and miles. Or do you have to break them in to preventing blisters?
      Oh and if you are wearing Birkenstocks, are using nail polish on your toes or not at all?

      Hope to see (and read) your blogpost soon about how to style your Birkenstocks (or something like that) :-)

      Grtz Johanna

    3. Hi Johanna,
      I hope I'm not answering too late :/... I just saw your comment, because somehow it went to the spam-binder :(.
      Did you already find nice Birkenstock sandals and got inspired by the multiple outfits I recently posted with them?

      I just have one answer to your questions - Birkenstocks are comfy as hell regardless of which model you wear. Just choose the one you like best :)! Don't worry about blisters or anything, because that'll never happen to your feet, if you're wearing Birkies :)!

    4. ...and I would always wear nail polish!!
      I like lipstick red toes best with mine!


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