Sunshine Reggae

Hello Sunshine!
Long time no see!
After a devastating weekend full of heavy rain and flooded rivers you are finally back and I really hope back for good!
Over the weekend it was incredible cold and rainy and Neckar and Rhine flooded their watersides here in Mannheim and Heidelberg. It was actually the first time I've ever been in a flooded area and I was truly shocked. It feels still so unreal, because for example my usual running route along the Rhine is completely covered with water!
But, my thoughts are with the people in Southern and Eastern Germany who have been hit even worst and lost all their belongings to the floodwater. It is so incredible shocking what water can do, it really leaves me speechless. I hope everything is going back to normal pretty soon!

Btw, what feels better on a somewhat warm summer day than a slouchy t-shirt paired with my beloved Minnetonka mocassins for the ultimate laid-back feeling?! Only thing missing an ice cold drink! Oh yeah, right, I am drinking my all-time summer favorite from Starbucks! Passion Iced Tea - it's absolutely worth trying out!

On me:

T-Shirt - H&M
Pants - H&M (last seen here)
Shoes - Minnetonka
Belt - H&M
Sunglasses - H&M (not available online)


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