I'm on Instagram now!

Hey guys,
how are you doing on this awful Monday? Hopefully better than I do, because my Monday absolutely started in the wrong direction! First it was raining cats and dogs, second the local trams were striking, third I hurt my hand really band (I'm actually kind of a clumsy girl LOL), fourth I went home after I made it half-way to university, fifth I'm sitting on a presentation right now and anything appears to be more appealing than this and sixth ... let's see what else this day might bring!
Anyways, I wanted to tell you that you can now find (and of course follow) me on Instagram! It took me a while to figure this thingi out, but now that I did I am already addicted *haha!


This is some Instagram impression of today! Told you it was raining cats and dogs and actually it still is!

And more from me on Instagram and def. more to come!

Minnetonka Love Story --> keep your eyes peeled on a post about these new babies!

Visiting the local fair in Mannheim was so much fun! Discovered my favorite carousel since childhood and immediately went for a ride!


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