Hey guys,
some days are just a total mess and totally unnecessary for one's life, don't you agree? Yesterday was such a day. After I got back from Vienna on Thursday I had to go back to work immediately which was kind of tough for me. I was just way too unconcentrated and if this wasn't enough already I cracked one of my toes in the afternoon. Damn, that hurt so much, you really can't imagine (at least I hope - no one should experience something like that).
Glad to have some silver linings this weekend though =).
My boy and I are having dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow night and above you actually see me while shopping some groceries for these two occasions.
I know I do look like a weirdo in this pic *haha - it's just because my foot hurt so much!
So happy to got these stunning trainers from my mom for Easter, because these shoes are basically the only ones I can wear for like the next two weeks or so. At least they do look really, really good in so many different ways and styles!

On Me

Leather Jacket - H&M (similar)
Pants - Primark (similar here, here, here and here)
Trainers - Fila (also in grey and black)
Fringe Bag - Christmas Market Found (similar here, here, here and here


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