Hip or Bullshit meets the Hotlist meets New In: The Blooming Panama Hat

Hello guys,
seems like we skipped spring this year, don't we?
I actually didn't expected any and don't want any different, since the winter took like - what? - forever!
It'll take this year a lot of afford to redress the devastating ice age, but hey, it's a good start, isn't it?

It actually feels like a century without any proper outfit post, so I guess I do also have a lot to redress, don't I?
Trying to make up for that a little with today's post!

First of all, what do you think about Panama Hats? - Hip or Bullshit?
I am seriously so in love with them, because they make any outfit kind of effortlessly. Just what I try to achieve every single day!
Best paired with a nice and flattering maxi summer dress and a fringed bag, of course! Letting out the inner Hippie!

I also have a little story to tell about Panama Hats! Be prepared, it's a sad story too!
In September 2011 I went on a field trip to Barcelona and found the absolutely perfect classical Panama Hat that was just fitting my noticeably small head. Perfection at it's best!
There was just one thing bothering! It was about 40€! I am widely aware that this is not much for a hat like this (some go up to the 200€), but, you know, I am a student on a field trip in a kind of expensive city and really had like no money for that dreamlike hat - a true shame!
I left the beauty behind with a heavy heart and could have cried about it for years - and that's what I actually did, literally! Ever since I left that precious hat behind I was searching the entire internet, but never even came close to that kind of perfection! Much more crying!
Until now - I can finally stop being so sniveling!
I found an amazing Panama Hat by Maison Scotch that fits my head like, well, a second head (haha) and is just truly amazing!
I know it's not a classical one, but I don't care! It stands out and makes me happy, that is what counts!
So, enough talking! Enjoy the pictures!

Today I'll show you my most favorite and beloved photographer who also happens to have an amazing sense of style too!
Meet my sweet Johanna!
Isn't her dress truly amazing?

On me:

Denim Jacket - American Eagle Outfitters (last seen)
Dress - Bought in Turkey
Ballet Flats - Bugatti
Bag - Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt

On Johanna:

Dress - Yumi
Ballet Flats - Buffalo London


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