New In: Kickass Shoes

Tillmann was very excited! 'What are kickass shoes, Belinda?' he asked me. 'Hold on, my dear Tillmann! I'll show you very soon!'

So here you go! Some new in (flat) kickass shoes!

I am so into trainers lately, because you can match them with almost everything! You can go funky or classy! Always best dressed, don't you think? - and when I saw these coral trainers by Fila just yesterday (also in grey/pink) I was literally in love! Did you also hop onto the trainers train lately?

Next new in are these platform ballet flats by Vagabond (also white and patent leather // last seen here). These shoes are a true man repelling item. Guys hate them, girls love them! I think these look best with tucked up or cropped jeans, but they also go with anything you like!

You might have also noticed that I do own basically flat shoes! It's because I am living a very active lifestyle and high heeled shoes would just stop me by moving on fast *haha - and besides, I think flat shoes can look as elegant, funky and awesome as high heeled ones, don't you agree?


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