Hip or Bullshit? - The Headband

Hey guys,
so I have a new thing for you :) - it's called 'Hip or Bullshit?' and shall appear here every once in a while, but on a frequent basis, of course.
The thing I wanna start off this whole new rubric with is a thing that was HUGE in the summer of 2008 and 2009 and I already totally fell in love with it back then (... I am a hippie in my heart, you know)... so guys, I am talking about headbands!
What do you think? Hip or Bullshit?
I rediscovered them a few weeks ago at Claire's Accessories and felt like 'Okay, I totally have to go for them this summer all over again' - I don't know why I actually stopped wearing them... they look so cute, don't they?
My absolute favorite is the headband below with little golden feathers. OMG, how cute is this? Please guys, tell me this is cute!
Headbands just totally match my fringe obsession *haha!
So... Hip or (totally) Bullshit? Let me hear!

Headband with Golden Feathers - Claire's Accessories
Cardigan - H&M (old)
Sweater - Zara (old)
Denim Jeans - H&M (old)
Platform Ballet Flats - Vagabond Flax (new! buy them either here or here)
Necklace - Ernsting's Family

What about this headband?

Headband - Claire's Accessories
Shirt - DIY
Denim Jeans - H&M (old)
Boots - Promod
Bag - Christmas Market Booth
Jewelry - Ernsting's Family

Headband outfit from last night!

Headband with Golden Feathers - Claire's Accessories
Coat - Bershka
Scarf - Present (last seen here)
Sweater - Zara (old)
Dress worn as Skirt - Forever 21 (old)
Booties - Promod (sale score // last seen here)
Bag - Promod (last seen here)
Necklace - Ernsting's Family

My good friend Johanna and I also checked out a new dining and bar place last night that totally took us over! Super delicious food and, hell yeah, that atmosphere - it was amazing! Sure you wanna know what's the name of this place, right?
So it's called 'Plams Pacific Lounge' (how suitable) and it all looked like a California beach restaurant - and the food - amazing once again! Really should go there! We felt like being in Malibu or something!
Oh, you still need the address, right? So, it's located in Mannheim, P6 25! 
Go, what are you waiting for?

Johanna went for three Mini Burger, how cute are they (?), and I for a good old Ceasar Salad! Both super yummy!


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