F*#k off Winter!

I always love being at home! Seeing family, friends and all of our pets is so much fun! In my last post I introduced you to our gorgeous dog Tillman and this time you see the cat that is simply called 'The Cat'. Awesome name, right? I saved her from the bitter cold two winters ago and ever since she is coming over for a visit and some good food of course!
But speaking of winter and cold weather is what always is so bad about being home. I currently live in Baden-Württemberg and the weather there is so much, so very, very much, better than it is up here in the near of Münster.
Other than here, it's almost never raining down south and the temperatures are in most cases really mild. 
Since it is so often wet outside in my hometown, I was very happy that today is so beautiful and sunny! Only thing bothering are the cold temperatures, although it's supposed to be spring yet... But, when I am reading through other blogs from all over the world, I think everybody living in the northern hemisphere is having the same damn problems right now. At least it is sunny at the moment and the depressive mood is slowly fading away!

Coat - Bershka (up for a spring version? I like this and this one)
Jumper - Tally Weijl (sale score)
Snake Print Pants - H&M (sale score)
Shoes - Zalando Collection (black sold out, but brown is also nice)
Sunglasses - H&M (couldn't find them online)
Necklace - H&M (sale score)

Btw, you should really buy the lipstick below! It's from Catrice and supposed to fit the lip color of any girl out there! First I was some kind of suspicious, but it's true - this lipstick is working so very well! It's just 5€ and intensifies your own personal lip color in a very beautiful way! Perfect during the day! I also wear it in this outfit post - so what do you think?


  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. In love with your outfit! Great pop of color! Love the shades as well! I am your new follower! Would you like to follow me back?

  3. Thanks guys for your lovely comments :)!

    xoxo Belinda

  4. i love the neon Sweater youa re wearing,
    the Color is so eyecatchy and refreshing!
    and awwww your cat is really cute <3

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:


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