Same day, same place, same weather --> just one week later... My boyfriend and I just love to take a walk along the Rhine at the weekends lately. Also, this is such a beautiful setting, isn't it?
But, the most amazing thing we saw had been those stunning and beautiful ducks above. Have you  ever seen something more breathtaking than those ducks? I think they are true art made by nature herself - you can see I am still amazed. Btw, this species is called Mandarin Duck and they are originally from the Far East. So happy they made this long way to Mannheim!

For the stroll I wore something pretty comfy and my new and already beloved mirrored lens sunglasses. Unfortunately, the sun was like no shining and so you cannot see those mirror effects, too bad :/...

Coat - Bershka (sold out)
Scarf - Bought on a Market in Enschede, Netherlands
Jumper - H&M (super old)
Pants - Zara TRF (old)
Shoes - Converse
Sunglasses - H&M (not available online)

Have an amazing Sunday and a good start in the week, honeys!


  1. I love your scarf! It's amazing :D


  2. WUNDERBAR <3 Einfach traumhaft schön sowas :>

    Allerliebste Grüße,

    1. Dankeschön :)! Das ist ja lieb von dir <3

      Viele Grüße,


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