The Holy Budget: Balenciaga Egyptofunk Neoprene Jumper

Hey guys,
how are you?
Just a quick update between a lot of work (almost going insane, btw - but that's a different story).
I am bad at keeping focused when I have a lot to do and the internet always appears to be my perfect getaway and hiding place! It's always the same and I wished I had far more discipline in my life!
Anyway, the internet as the perfect getaway has also it's positive sides - yieehaa - yes it does! My boy would possibly disagree, but I don't care right now, because I found an awesome, amazing, mind-blowing 'thing' at the H&M online store this morning that I could not hide from all of you fashionistas out in the world. Some of you might have also already discovered it! 
So, did you also fell so hard in love with the Egyptofunk collection by Balenciaga and the OH MY GOD HOW COOL neoprene jumpers? Do you also live on a budget just like me? Alright girls!! I have an amazing gift for you (it's Valentine's Day isn't it?)!! - I am sorry I can not actually give it to you as a giveaway, but still it's amazing and an absolute shopping tip/must!
The H&M online store (and a few stores in real life) offers a jumper that is just similar to the Egyptofunk jumper - but just 40€! Taaadaaa - how amazing is that?
With the promo code 0241 (I think it still works, but I suppose only for Germans, though, but I don't really know actually) you get 25% off and with 1304 shipping is for free!
You can thank me later :)! - have an amazing Thursday honeys!


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