Quest of Continual? - or the ability to read a shirt!

What is a quest of continual? I actually bought that shirt without even paying any attention to what was written on it. It just looked so pretty and I really liked that pink bow on the shirt's right side! Anyways, it also appeared like a huge letter salad to me, until a friend of mine was eager to decrypt the letters' meaning...  it bothered her so much that she even dreamed about my shirt! It was so funny and made me also start thinking about my shirt's meaning! We found out that it says "Quest of Continual", but what does that mean? I know it is not a tough question to native English speakers, but to us it was a true challenge *haha. 
Of course we asked our good friend Leo to help us out!
So... a quest of continual is a constant pursuit of something (I at least think so - English speakers please help me out!!), but to me a quest of continuance would make even more sense since it means like one's ambition to live a steady life (hope to say it right) - and seriously! What could sound more appropriate than a steady constant in the busy lives we're living?
A constant hiding place and getaway to recover from the world where everybody wants us to be so very flexible... 

White Jumper - Ernsting's Family
Shirt - LTB
Necklace - Mavi
Pants - Only
Shoes - Minnetonka

Still all into that neon trend *haha!

Beanie - H&M
Bag - H&M
Lipstick - Yves Rocher (color Himbeere)
Nail Polish - P2/230 Hot Tango

Have a great and stressless start into the new week, honeys!


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