One (wo)Man Wolfpack

Hey my loves,
I do have to share my deepest secret with you! But please do not tell anybody! Okay, ready? Hmmm... how can I say that without hurting anybody's feelings? Alright, I'm all grown up (at least I pretend so) so I should have the courage to say it out loud and feeling all better! Alright, guys? So... I HATE CARNIVAL! Gesus!!! That felt good!
I hate everything about it! This just pretended happiness and everything... arrrggghhh! I am so, so glad that I have a moth pest in my kitchen right now!! So instead of playing sheer glee, I am cleaning up my apartment! Feels so much better *haha!
But don't get me wrong, I am not someone who is always negative about anything, it's just this specific time of the year that makes me going insane and hiding under my blanket. I don't now how many times I pretended a flu in the past years *haha! Just to avoid celebrating carnival!
In the region I live and in the region I lived before I am pretty much alone with my opinion, though. Just my boy shares these feelings *haha! 
But don't get me wrong again! There is one thing I love about carnival! Getting all dressed up and my costume theme for this year's celebrations couldn't be better chosen! I am all dressed up as 'One wo(Man) Wolfpack'. The best option to combine my ambivalent feelings *haha!
So what about you? Are you all into carnival? I am pretty much dying over what you might have worn for carnival - so please share that with me here :)!

Faux Fur Vest - Ernsting's Family
Striped Long Sleeve - H&M (similar)
Golden Belt - Vintage (got it from my mom)
Skirt - Ernsting's Family
Fringe Boots - Minnetonka
Bracelet with M
aşallah - Bought in Turkey

from where I stand

The 'One wo(Man) Wolfpack' is having fun with herself!

The 'One wo(Man) Wolfpack' is having fun with herself!

Have a Fun Sunday/Monday/Tuesday full of Celebrations :)!
Besides my opinion, I really mean it from the bottom of my heart!
Have fun guys and raise your glasses for me too!!


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