You were my first love!

I have a huge problem lately :D! The boyfriend is working from 9 til 5 for the next sixth month! 
So why is that a problem? Well, he's my photographer! By the time he gets home (something between 6 and 8 pm) I already changed into a much more comfy style :D! I mean much, much, much more comfy style! I actually mean a style that is so bad taste, I cannot even show that to you!
Well, I'm doing that anyway, since I am not a huge fan of conventions. But, I really cannot show this outfit to you on my body! That would be too embarrassing for me *haha!

So this is the outfit I am wearing right after classes and actually whenever I get home and have nothing else to do for the rest of the day!
I am so in love with these slippers! They are from 'The North Face' and I scored them on sale for just 15€!
In the winter time you will never get cold feet with these :)!

Coat - Bershka (last seen here)
Denim Shirt - Zara (sale score)
Flower Blouse - H&M (old)
Black Pants - Only (last seen here)

So with the picture thingi "Selbst ist die Frau"! I am very sorry, but it's gonna be a lot more selfmade photos in the next six month! I try to avoid it though, and just today I went shooting with a friend of mine :). Beautiful pictures taken in the snow!
But back to this post, I actually managed to do my self-portrait-thingi with a larger mirror :D! Thanks to C&A and their changing rooms!

Bag - Mini Collection (already 9 years old)
Kickass Shoes - Tamaris (last seen here)

That Mini-Bag above is my absolute favorite bag of all times and I already own it since, wow, Christmas 2003! It's gonna be our 10th anniversary this upcoming Christmas and I am very super duper excited.
This bag is just perfect and my companion since 8th grade. It went with me all the way through Middle and High School, waited for me while I was in America (I was too afraid to lose her somewhere in the States *haha), and is now my closest bag friend in university. Carries all the stuff I need to survive classes!
Mini-Bag I love you so much that I can hardly breath! We share so many special moments together! We went through so many different things together and you still one of my closest friends living in my closet!
I hope this lovestory is going on til the rest of my life and I would be pleased to give you to my future daughter once she is old enough to appreciate you (well, we discuss that later in life - you are still MY loyal friend)!

Special Mini-Bag Moment - you and me on a classtrip to Hamburg in June 2006


  1. Du siehst so mega hot und rockig aus auf dem oldie photo, hauw!!! ♥

    1. Danke ♥!! Dabei bin ich doch zarte 16 Jahre! Da spielt man noch mit Puppen :D!


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