Thursday Lunch

What is the best thing to lighten up your day, when it's the end of semester and you totally do not feel like going to classes anymore? 
Right! Having lunch with a good friend!! And when the friend appears to be a really good photographer too, what else do you need??
Right! Nothing! Just enjoying some amazing quality time together!

Parka - Gina! by Ernsting's Family (old, last seen here)
Treggings - H&M (old, but pretty much the same here)
Shoes - Zalando Collection (last seen here)

I found this Nike Heritage Bag above just recently at Zalando and I already adore it! It's so so very roomy, but still it looks the hell good, don't you agree?
I, of course, bought it with a very good reason :D! You know, I need really good reasons lately to buy stuff for me, because the boyfriend and I have this deal, that I try to stop shopping until the end of February! Yes, you've heard right and my ambitions, besides some exceptions, are VERY high!
BUT! I had a really good reason!!
I had to buy a new laptop since my other one didn't quite work for me anymore and this new baby of course needed a proper case *haha! -and I REALLY needed a new bag for university since the zipper of my other bag, which was from Adidas Originals, was broken. The Adidas bag actually had just the same color with a white emblem on it and guess how happy I was when I found this beautiful Nike bag :)!
VERY happy and once again, isn't this a PERFECT reason to buy a bag?

I don't know how much I love these booties <3 ! 

Don't ask! It was really cold, indeed!

Cardigan - Vila (but flea market find/score for just 6€)
Scarf - TK Maxx (absolute winter favorite, last seen here)
Top - H&M (old, last seen here)
Neckelace - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)

Watch - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)

Photos taken by Johanna


  1. good reasons are the best excuses to buy stuff :D same goes for me atm. No shopping allowed.. we'll see how far it'll take us :)


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