Quick Snap: Off to University

Wow, this was a whimsical day! I slept horrible and started off this (arrgghh) Monday absolutely in the wrong direction! This is actually an all Monday phenomenon, don't you agree?
Well, I kinda worked out a strategy for me to make these shitty Mondays actually more bearable. But, I guess this is also just the same strategy that you use to make this most awful day of the week somehow bearable, right?
So, how easy is that? I try to dress up a little every Monday *haha! Trying to look good banishes all anger! I am very serious!!
So today was an absolute worst case scenario!! I felt HORRIBLE and when there had not been classes, waiting for me, I would have stayed in bed the whole entire fucking (excuse my language) day!! 
My mood did not change until, well, actually, right now, but I'm wearing sweatpants at this moment, so everything is fine over here!
But, back to classes! I put the finest Make-Up on my face, made my hair somewhat beautiful and put on THE shoes that make every girl feel sexy *haha!

Parka - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)
Scarf - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)
Jumper - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)
Light Denim Jeans - H&M (last seen here)
Faux Litas - Catwalk by Deichmann (similar; last seen here)
Bag - Nike (last seen here)
Lipstick - Biocura by Aldi Discount (not lying and I can actually recommend it for just 2,99€/ I am wearing 72 Altrosa)

And what did I do, while I was sitting in my lecture? Yes, I played a little with my cell and 'photoshopped' these pictures. The photo app 'BeFunky Pro' is working just fine for that and I can highly recommend it!!

Did you drink too much or why do you see me twice?

Hope you had a better start in the week, honeys!


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