Mannheim, let's take a walk in the sun!

Pictures say more than a thousand words! Mannheim, I love you! That's for sure! Although I never expected that I was going to live in that amazing city! Mais, c'est la vie!
A lot of people consider Mannheim as ugly, because industry is not far and 'beautiful' and 'paradise-like' Heidelberg just around the corner. But! Mannheim provides a lot of beautiful sights (of course the famous water tower and the magical garden behind it - that I shooted below and today). Of course these are not the only beautiful places you can visit in Mannheim! Get an impression here!
And after all, doesn't a city need to have a rough side? Just think about New York, London, Berlin! Mannheim is all that :D!

The famous Water Tower

One of my favorite spots in the city! The art museum behind me! It shows modern and contemporary art!

Down Coat - TK Maxx (last seen here)
Denim Jeans - H&M (last seen here)
Leopard Boots - Tamaris (last seen here)
Leather Fringe Bag - Asos (last seen here)

Beautiful sun today!

The new Instyle Magazine has an amazing special about street style with a lot of fashion inspirations! I was out of space when I saw this neon-yellow jumper inspiration above! Definitely too cool for this world!! I needed one right away!!
How happy I was when I found this jumper from New York & Company that I am wearing below, in MY wardrobe! It has almost the same color and I do own it since YEARS! Well, I actually bought it three years ago and back in the US! It was a true score and reduced from 50$ to 15 DOLLARS! So, as you can imagine, I did not only go for that one jumper! No! I went for three! I also bought it in blue and purple!

Scarf - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)
Knit - New York & Company
Belt - H&M (last seen here)

Knit by New York & Company 

Jewelry - C&A (last seen here)

So while I was shooting those beautiful Mannheim photos, my boyfriend's and my mission was actually  to go shopping. What else can you do on a Saturday, right?
And - oh my god - I found a true neon-yellow jumper at Tally Weijl for just 9€! Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!

Hope you had and still have an amazing weekend, honeys!


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