Dark Romanticism

Some of you might have already seen this outfit on lookbook, others did not. 
I know, I am a little bit late with this post, but I have a lot going on lately. End of semester, start of a new exhibition at my museum and so on.
Okay, however :D!
Last friday I went with my good friend Anna (check out her blog!) to Frankfurt to see the absolute amazing exhibition "Dark Romanticism" (Schwarze Romantik) at the Städel Museum and it was worthwhile and disturbing at the same time, but one step after another!
The exhibition started off just with the right atmosphere as you can see from my blurry outfit pic below. 
But, it took us absolutely in the right mood, because we knew that it was going to be dark and not only in the literally kinda way!
Dark Romanticism has, as the name already reveals it, something to do with the art movement Romanticism, which was all about the human psyche and inner life in the early 19th century. Dark Romanticism went one step further and illuminated the emotional abyss of human beings. It addressed everything connected to it, like nightmares, madness, aggressions, homicides or wars. It literally (or in a painted way) shows the dark human side that no one is free of. But moreover it was a literary subgenre with novels by Edgar Allen Poe or E. T. A. Hoffmann and the art movement Dark Romanticism was highly affected by those.
However, one of the most famous and earliest dark paintings is the nightmare by Johann Heinrich Füssli. 
Today, we can say that Dark Romanticism was the predecessor of the art movements Symbolism and Surrealism and later found its expression in horror movies from the early 20th century such as Frankenstein's Monster.
So, enough information now and chapeau to Städel Museum, for really being token to the absolute human abyss!

Cardigan - H&M (old)
Scarf - TK Maxx (one of my favorites this winter; last seen here)
T-Shirt - Bought at Art Fare (artist Willi Bender; last seen here)
Skirt - H&M (sale score)
Boots - Emu Australia (last seen here)

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures at the exhibition, but at least I managed to take one (on the right). The left photography is from the permanent collection (contemporary art) and is called "Girl with Camera". Who would have thought that?

Girls with Cameras

Anna and me. I am dying over her Zara Boots!

Some impressions from the permanent collection (contemporary art)!

As you know I have a lot to do with the apes lately! Here and here!

I wanna touch it!!


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