What every Girl needs to have in her Closet... Part I - The Items

Alright, guys! My last post was about "What every girl needs to have in her closet!".
Above you can actually see my closet that I browsed today in hope to find the essential key pieces a girl SHOULD have.
Let yourself be surprised, if I own such pieces in fact!
Today I will present you the items I found and in the upcoming days (probably over the weekend) you can see my created outfits.

Here is the guideline once again. For translation check my last post.

Red Lipstick and Matching Nailpolish

Mission Accomplished


Okay, so I have a whole army of handbags!

But this is my absolute favorite! Doesn't it suit everything from daytime to nightime outfits?

White T-Shirt

Same thing! Whole bunch of shirts, but only graphic ones!

 Let's check my boy's closet! OHHH! Perfect!

Black Heels

Mission Accomplished
The heels on the right are my absolute favorite! Bought at Zara!

Black Blazer

Mission Accomplished
As a museum guide, I need a whole bunch of those!

White Oversized-Shirt

Hmmm... donno! What do you think?

Oh yeah, I know what you think! Let's check my boyfriend's closet again?
Oh yeah, so here it is... the perfekt white dress shirt!!

Bomber Jacket

No way!! Never gets a space in my closet!

Biker Leather Jacket

The jacket was supposed to be shipped today! Not here yet :(! It's from Margiela meets H&M and I'm really looking forward!
So the Jacket arrived! What do you think?


Mission Accomplished


Mission Accomplished

Nike Dunks

Difficult question! I would love to have them, but actually I'm more into an All-Stars-girl and I also really love my new Esprit sneakers on the left!

Denim Jacket

Mission Accomplished
This one is from AE Outfitters




Good question! Does a grey one count, since I don't own any black dress?


  1. hey what size did you get for the MMM H&M biker jacket? is it true to size? thx!

  2. For me denim jacket will always be a hit. Its just that Its really warm here most of the times and so I cant wear it! :(


  3. Love the outfit youre wearing in that picture. It looks so cool and cozy. Thanks so much for joining my link party last week. :)


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