attention for protection against skin cancer

Blazer - H&M (last seen here)
T-Shirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs (protect the skin you're in/ last seen here)
Denim Jeans - H&M (old)
Boots - Zalando Collection (last seen here and here)
Watch - Ernsting's Family
Just recently I talked about the "protect the skin you're in" campaign by Marc Jacobs (really close to my heart) and I thought on Christmas Day I it would be perfect to spread the message.
I wore the t-shirt on a Christmas breakfast with my family, but no one, seriously no one, asked about it and its message. Same thing at a Christmas dinner later that day.
I was shocked and upset, because this campaign means a lot to me and I think everybody should support it. Skin cnacer is so easy to avoid. I know its not easy to get a t-shirt though (in Europe only available in London and Paris), but when I managed to get one, you can get one too, don't you think?
When I got to bed it occured to me that since I come from a small and prude town it was Dita's fault that no one asked :D! Naughty Dita!!
Actually, now that I think about this provocative side something else pops into my mind! Just recently a friend posted a naked woman on Facebook. First, I was like "Oh, what the hell is this supposed to mean?" and then I saw something written above the picture. A message for the good cause! He was just using the provocative picture to get the people's attention for something completely different. Same with the naked-Dita-T-Shirt.
It seems to me that you cannot get attention for good causes through anything else anymore.
What do you think? Do you agree or don't you agree?


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