So, finally I managed to write a proper post!
Today was like a very busy day. I was woken up by the postman, can you imagine? I was having the nicest sleep in days and he honked me outta my bed. I was so angry, until I noticed he had a really good reason! Two parcels from my latest online haul wanted to enter my fashion world. So that changed my mood completely. PERFECT!
You can see one of my online scores in the pictures below (the booties). Do you remember this post and the beautiful booties I wore? Well, now I can tell you they are total crap! They fall apart just a few weeks after I bought them and the new pair I ordered was just worst! Arrgggghhh... the leather had such a bad quality!
But, Zalando was my knight in shining amor! THANKS! I found the, oh my god so gorgeous, booties you can see below. Aren't they beautiful? Well, you have to tell me they're beautiful!! I find them beautiful anyway!
However, they are so top-quality, elegant, look like a billion dollars, but yet, they do have a rock star attitude. I'm in shoe heaven! My boyfriend is already going nuts 'bout that, can you imagine?! TTTzzzzz

Flannel Shirt - Kirra via Pacsun (old, but similar here and here)
Top - H&M Basic Stuff
Belt - H&M (old, but similar here)
Denim Jeans - Only
Booties - Zalando

Today was of course not only busy, because of my rough wake-up!
I'm working as a museum tour guide and had a guided tour this afternoon. It's always difficult to get dressed for that, because I have to keep in mind what kinda people I guide. When I have elder and very cultural interested people, who about to tear me apart, because I'm toooo young to do this job in their point of view or I don't know the exact historical date, for god's sake, I like to go fancy with blazer, pumps and nice pants. But when I have children or people my age, I'm always confused. I don't want to go to fancy, but I don't want to go too dressed down either. I still need to keep a certain authority towards my audience, you know. So what to wear? I always decide to go for a fancy-dress-down-mix. Don't know if this is working out any time.
So today I had people my age and went in flannel, skinny jeans and fancy booties. What you see is just the raw version, though. Later on I put my hair in a bun, make-up on my face and pink lipstick on my lips. I also wore a nice white scarf.
Do you think I managed a fancy-dress-down-and-proper-mix for museum (I'm sorry for the raw version you see)?

I absolutely love the color of the flannel. It's so girly, yet edgy!

Jewelry - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)



Catwalk by Deichmann


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