watch out for the snake

Hello everybody!
I just saw that this is my second post in one day, holy cow! But I do love this outfit so much and had no other choice than showing it to you guys. I hope you like it as much as I do!
I actually got inspired by Nina and her beautiful blog Fashiioncarpet. I saw her Esprit sneakers and fell in love immediately.
Sneakers that are really comfy were missing in my wardrobe for so long and these are just awesome. You can literally walk in them for hours and it feels like jumping on clouds!!

Beanie - knitted by my mummy
Coat - Bershka (sold out - last seen here)
Bag - Asos (on sale - last seen here)
Snake-Print Pants - H&M (sale found)
Sneakers - Esprit (on sale, but almost sold out!!)
Sometimes, right after university and walking along "Hauptstraße" in Heidelberg, I feel like stopping by at H&M, because I have this strange feeling that I might find something truly amazing at an unbeatable prize! My strange sense never disappointed me so far. Last time I had this feeling, I scored this omg-so-amazing snake-printed pants for just 10€. How amazing is that?
Do you also have like a strange fashion feeling/sense from time to time?

Scarf - TK Maxx
Necklace - Ernsting's Family 

Jewelry - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)


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