Quick Snap Outfitting: Going Lita

Hey guys,
I started a new thing here called "Quick Snap...". It shows everything that's moving me at a specific moment and needs to be hold immediately. Usually I have no real camera with me, just my cell.
Today's starting post is showing my outfit. It was not that is was soooo moving me (well, the Litas are actually always moving me/ it's true love, you know), the problem was just that my boy was not around and today is so busy that I took these quick snaps all by myself.
Stay tuned for more extraordinary Quick Snaps!

Sweater - Ernsting's Family 
Pants - Zara TRF 

Shoes Lita look-alike - Catwalk by Deichmann (but my heart is with these and these)
Scarf - TK Maxx (last seen here)
Jewelry - Ernsting's Family

Ich traf eben my first love!

I know what I tell you right now might sound kinda strange to your ears and you need to be very brave now. I live in a ménage-à-trois with my boy and the JC Litas. Ok, now it's out in the world! Hell yeah, that feels good.
I know a lot of bloggers and fashionistas love these shoes, but I'm sure nobody loves them as much as I do. For real!!! The Litas stole my heart right away and they not willing to give it back some time soon!
So sad I couldn't afford the real JC's, but the ones from Deichmann are a proper alternative. I'm getting the attention anyway since nobody's wearing them in public. No wait, I saw them in public, but whenever that happend, oh, yeah, it was me wearing them! Get the point?
I'm the only one giving them the space and the attention they need!
So dear Santa, did you listen?
Oh god, I'm talking total crap, over and out :D!


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