pure, cozy and rainy

Today is like the perfect day of November. It's windy, it's rainy and it's totally grubby outside. I just feel like cuddling up with my blanket, drink a cup of tea and watch TV the whole entire day. But, as life goes, every person needs something to eat once in a while and when the fridge is empty you need to shop some groceries. 
I was so not in the mood to get out of my apartment and go shopping so that I just got on the coziest sweater that I own and my new and already absolute favorite coat from Bershka. I didn't even put make-up on! 
Do you like my outfit?
What are you up to on grubby November days?

Coat - Bershka
Sweater - H&M
Shoes - Catwalk by Deichmann
Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag - ASOS (last seen here)
Necklace - Ernsting's Family (last seen here)

I was dying over these Chloé Susanna studded leather boots and think I found a perfect alternative

Nail Polish - P2 Color Victim Nail Polish via dm-Drogeriemarkt / Nr. 820 Boat Trip

Tights - Ernsting's Family (old)


  1. I love Berska clothing - haven't looked in their for a while so thanks for reminding me of its existence! Lovely coat and boots - perfect autumn/winter wear!

    www.kayspray.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. Love it especially the layering with the coat!

  3. That coat looks super comfy!! I also adore your shoes :) Great outfit all together.

    Love, Danielle

  4. I wish it was cold enough where I live to wear such a cute outfit!

    Defining Me


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