James Bond Moment in Sequins

Have you already seen the latest Bond movie "Skyfall"? If not, you definitely should!
I watched it just two weeks ago and was so amazed. Daniel Craig really is one of the best Bonds of all times, well at least in my point of view! I really have a crush on him!
Moreover, the movie is above all its sexiness so amazingly profound!


ANYWAYS! On Thursday I attended the Tribute to Bambi event at Peek & Cloppenburg Mannheim (a big thanks to a friend who took me!) and was able to try on this stunning sequin gown (which, unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy - what a shame, it's so beautiful). I felt like a true princess or, moreover, like a tough, hot and sexy Bond Girl, since we got Mojitos served in Martini glasses (short Mojitini)!

So James Bond aka Daniel Craig are you ready for this?

Gown - Peek & Cloppenburg
Lipstick - Yves Rocher (Himbeere)

Making a Duckface for God's Sake

The gown told me all the time "Take me home my dear" - I always replied "I'll do that once I got married"


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