You think knitting is boring? - Hold on, I show you the opposite!

As the days are getting darker and temperature's dropping down, there is nothing better to do than grabbing your knitting needles, turn on the TV and create some real cool stuff for your own!

Since my mom is a dressmaker, I was always in fond of sewing and knitting and started my "diy-career" with a striped sweater in 2005. In my oppinion I was really ahead of time, because today you would probably consider my sweater as "Colour-Blocking".

The next things I knitted were more simple, but just as beautiful. I made an oversize scarf and matching beanie in purple. They are getting me ever since through the hardest winter.

This year, after realizing having too many scarfs and sweaters, I decided to do something completely different. It turned out to be a knitted satchel-bag! I found that beauty in this lovely magazine (go to "Blick ins Heft" and switch to Modell 34/35) and it is surprisingly easy to make, even for absolute knitting-beginners!
Because of copyright I cannot give you a complete guide on making it your own (unfortunately), but the magazine is really affordable (just 3€ - available in every knitting store) and the instructions are highly understandable! Whenever you have questions though, you are very welcome to contact me via

What's your favorite DIY-project this fall?


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