you close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination

Halloween ist just around the corner and today I saw this super cute and terrifying Frankenstein's monster nail art via Zalando that I had to try out immediatly on my own!
Doesn't it look so awesome?

So here's a guide to do it on your own!

Before you get started you need three different colors of nail polish (a metallic green, black and white - I used silver, since I don't own any white nail polish) and I would put on a base coat beforehand, so your nails don't change colors.

Step I

Apply the metallic green two times and make sure your nails are all-over colored. Let it dry before going over to Step II.

Step II

Take a fine paintbrush and draw hair and a sewed mouth onto every nail.
You might need some help of a friend for the hand you're not writing with :D! My boyfriend helped me out with my right hand and he did a really good job actually!
Once again, let it dry before starting the next step!

Step III

Unfortunately I have no photo taken of Step III, I'm sorry for that, but you just have to apply the white nail polish with a fine paintbrush again and draw every monster two little white eyeballs. Let it dry once again!
For the very last step take a fine paintbrush again and enable your little monsters to have eye-sight. Put black pupils onto the eyeballs! You might need help of a friend for this step as well!

Mission Accomplished

What cool stuff are you going to do on Halloween besides painting nails and hitting a pretty awesome party?


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