Is Street Art real Art?

Street Art in Mannheim

I haven't figured that out by myself yet, but it's for sure that painted walls are highly fascinating not only to me but to a lot of different people around the globe. It kind of lost it's "bad" image of sprayed trains and ugly scribblings on buildings and changed into true masterpieces. With Banksy and other well-known street artists it somehow found it's way into art history lately, even though it's not yet figured out what role it will play in the future. However, street art is not only a new subject of art history and contemporary art, it is also used to improve urban districts that are considered as "ghettos".

When I spent my year abroad in the US, I could best discover it in Philadelphia. You can find a lot of beautiful wall murals throughout the city, that were painted to improve the reputation of the City of Brotherly Love.

You can also tour the Murals in Philly!

But not only in Philadelphia can you admire such masterpieces! There are such projects in Sao Paolo, Brazil and in my adopted home Mannheim as well. Some areas in Mannheim behind the castle have been legalized for street artists, which, in my opinion, is a great opportunity to give those artists a platform to express themselves, but also to embellish ugly walls. 
If you're interested in checking out more about the sprayer scene in Mannheim, watch this Facebook-Fan-Page of Mannheim Streetart

You can find this art piece in Jungbusch, Mannheim

Legalized art behind the castle of Mannheim

What do you think? Is Street Art real Art? 

Check out this book. It gives you a complete overview of the current street art scene and its artists. When you are really interested in finding out more about street art and graffiti it's totally worth reading. It's a beautiful pictured guide giving you all the information you need about the scene and it's creative heads!


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